What is the one thing Sam who takes our customers shopping, Karen who makes sure our Loreto residents get nutritious meals each day, Tania who oversees nursing care at Mary Potter and Evan our CEO all have in common?

Each and every staff member is committed to delivering the best outcomes and highest standards of care to our residents and at-home care customers every day.

We are proud to say that individuals that are drawn to our organisation and stay with us are caring and interested people that have a heart-warming sensitivity to people and the needs of the elderly.

The Board

2018 Board. 3.JPG

(Back row, left to right) Rod Kendall, Evan Robertson (CEO), Ven David Ruthven, Tony Balding, Philip Goldsmith, Michael Quirk and Fr Paddy Sykes.

(Front row, left to right) Sr Francis Mansour LCM, Doug Conkey, Peter Fitzpatrick (Chairman) Dr Charles Oliver and Belinda King.

(Absent) Lyn Kimball.

The Executive Team


Evan Robertson
Chief Executive Officer


Anton Reyment
Business Services Manager

Tania Tellus.JPG

Tania Tellus
Director of Nursing, Mary Potter Nursing Home


Diane Whitton
Manager, Forrest Community Services


Gail Osburn
Director of Nursing, Loreto Home of Compassion


The Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012 aims to promote and improve gender equality in employment in the workplace. Under the Act, employers such as The Forrest Centre need to provide data on the gender composition of their workforce.  Download our 2016-17 Workplace Gender Equality Report.