At The Forrest Centre, we understand the complex and changing needs of people with dementia.

We focus on each person in our care, and tailor support to meet individual needs.

If you or someone you care for has been diagnosed with dementia, you may wish to consider at-home care to maintain a familiar environment. Forrest Community Services can provide a range of supports to help with daily tasks such as personal care, cleaning and washing, and home maintenance, as well as one-on-one support, respite care, and activities for the person with dementia.

If you or your family feel that you would be better supported in residential care, we have dedicated dementia care facilities at both the Mary Potter Nursing Home and Loreto Home of Compassion. Drawing on evidence-based research, our highly skilled team provides best practice dementia care while also promoting social wellbeing.

We also help our residents and their families to understand the different stages of dementia and provide insights into how best to maintain quality of life. 

Valuing your wellbeing, our Pastoral Care team is always on hand to assist you through your family’s dementia journey with compassion and respect.

To talk about dementia care, please call 02 6932 3011.